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It started when she was little. Nina would glue feathers and seeds to rocks and give them to neighbors as plant and garden accessories. Later, when she took her first metalsmithing class, she discovered a true love for the mysterious plasticity of metal and the challenges that it poses. She learned to combine classical form and balance with the raw materials and textures that occur in nature. A graduate in Fine Arts and Philosophy, Nina applied the techniques and approach of sculpture to designing rings, cuffs and necklaces. She became a self-taught jeweler, working in her studio in the back of her fine art gallery, which she owned in New York’s Lower East Side.

Having relocated to Los Angeles, Nina continues to make jewelry, and is still inspired by rocks, architecture, music, fashion, oceans and the desert. Her jewelry reflects a design philosophy steeped in experimentation and the transference of nature and bold architectural forms into unique personal style and expression.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is currently hand crafted in a sunny studio in the hills of Los Angeles.